Server Status: Online


Blizzard Online Terms are under construction

Main things you should not do in our server
1. Use any kind of cheats. It will get you banned without further warnings,we have automatic systems scanning all players to check out if there's anybody trying to cheat.
2. Abuse of a bug. Our server recently started, so it's common to find bugs, and if it happens to be your case, we want you to report it to us,we will apreciate it alot. Bug abusing may result in Prision for a few days.

About server

  • Total accounts 2693
  • Total characters 2885
  • Online Population High
  • Online record 183

server Rates

  • Exp-Rate 25x
  • Team-Rate 28x
  • Drop-Rate 15x
  • Pet-Rate 4280x
  • Ship-Rate 20x