Server Status: Online

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|Patch| Patch v.1.3.1

Maintenance Ended and server is back online.

Patch Notes:
• Fixed Boss NPC timer.
• Added New Map for today's Tournament (no bp, no flash bombs and no stealth).
• Fixed Issues with Client Crashing and consuming a lot of memory.
• Fixed some Major Issues on server side.
• tweaked a lot of other things you will notice inside the game.
Next patch we will add new glows, effects and other improvements.

About server

  • Total accounts 2693
  • Total characters 2885
  • Online Population High
  • Online record 183

server Rates

  • Exp-Rate 25x
  • Team-Rate 28x
  • Drop-Rate 15x
  • Pet-Rate 4280x
  • Ship-Rate 20x