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|PVP| 1v1 tounrament

Hello, PvPers - As you all know we seek to have and create the best Pk players among the servers.

1v1 event is back - Please send us a message on the FB page to participate in the 1v1 event. 

Submission will be closed at 9/8 Friday 10 pm server time.

The event will be held at 3 pm server time 9/10 Sunday.


Winner Bracket's Prize : 1st place : Championship Kylin/Crown 

                                        2nd place : 3k imps

                                        3rd place  : 2k imps


Loser's Bracket's Prize:  1st Place : 1.5k imps

                                        2nd Place : 1k imps


About server

  • Total accounts 2693
  • Total characters 2885
  • Online Population High
  • Online record 183

server Rates

  • Exp-Rate 25x
  • Team-Rate 28x
  • Drop-Rate 15x
  • Pet-Rate 4280x
  • Ship-Rate 20x